Digital Division
Logo di WebsimLogo di Websim is the online platform of Intermonte Digital Division. Operating since 2000, it has been the reference point for Italian investors for over 20 years.

Websim's mission is to guide our clients through a constantly evolving financial landscape. To achieve this, retail investors are provided with the same information and analysis that guide institutional investors' decisions.

Significant investments and continuous commitment by Intermonte to this business line have led to the creation of three distinct brands.

Websim Digital Financial Hub
Logo Websim Digital Financial Hub

Websim Digital Financial Hub encompasses all the services and content offered through our web platform, providing financial market advice directly to retail customers (B2C) and through the presence of its content on numerous prestigious bank e-banking platforms (B2B2C).

Articles and media content are disseminated through proprietary sites and apps, mailing lists, digital e-banking platforms, and social networks. A wide range of services is offered, including financial information and real-time market monitoring, technical and fundamental analysis in the form of detailed analyses, informative articles, video interviews, webinars, and timely insights into current topics, all created by industry experts.

Websim Corporate
Logo Websim Digital Financial Hub

This division relies not only on the work of Intermonte's research office, adding top-down analysis, technical analysis, and market newsflow analysis but also on its internal team of analysts, focusing on the Mid & Small Cap segment.

Websim Corporate is the meeting point between Websim and the most promising Small & Mid Cap realities in the Italian market. This recently established and growing team allows Intermonte to agilely and digitally enter a new market, offering services such as Corporate Broking Specialist, Events and Meetings with company management, support for Investor Relations and Equity Story Advisory, and management of Extraordinary Deals.

Websim Investment Solutions
Logo Websim Investment Solutions

The B2B proposals, offered since 2019 under the Tie brand, are now included among the services provided by Websim. Investment solutions are studied, identified, and created in line with current market trends, collaborating with numerous issuers of financial instruments.

Websim Investment Solutions also supports professionals such as Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, and Family Offices by providing market catalyst analyses, model portfolios, and selections across various classes of financial instruments.


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