Sales & Trading

The Intermonte sales force (numbering around 50 between sales staff and traders) is highly valued by domestic and international institutional investors thanks to its expertise and dedicated focus on the Italian equity market.

One of the main characteristics is the enormous experience of a team that has worked in synergy for over 25 years, attaining an unmatched level of seniority on the Italian financial market. Experience and trustworthiness are the cornerstone of maintaining strong and stable relations between Intermonte and its clientele.

Independence is another of the fundamental characteristics that underpins Intermonte’s credibility with Italian and foreign investors, enabling the sales force to provide consultancy that is entirely free of any conflict of interest.

The team is split into specialised desks – including those for derivatives, ETF, government and corporate bonds – in order to offer clients full spectrum consultancy on all financial products on the Italian market.

Geographical coverage of the sales force is broad, with over 450 active institutional clients in all the main regions: Italy, the UK, continental Europe, the USA and Canada.

Bolstering the work of the sales force is ongoing institutional marketing, which generates over 150 roadshows a year featuring more than 800 group and/or one-to-one meetings with top management of listed companies, including the leading members of the FTSE MIB index.

Size of the sales force and geographical breakdown

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Trading of Emission Credits – Intermonte Partners

Intermonte Partners SIM operates on the main emission credit trading platforms through OTC (Over the Counter) transactions, offering its clients the best sale-purchase conditions for EUA (European Union Allowances).

Intermonte offers various products for trading emissions allowances, access to the derivatives market, in-depth information on international regulations, and research reports.

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